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At Pentalead, we create unique, handcrafted videos that link ideas to emotions, connect brands to audiences and assist you to get where you would like to go.

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How an explainer video can help your business?

  • Tell your story making it easy for your brand call
  • Explain your product to potential customers in a very simple way
  • Build credibility around your offerings
  • Stand out from your competitors with a brief animated explainer video
  • Help your prospects understand the advantages of your product
  • Explain your USP with little effort
  • An explainer video is evergreen content that you simply can use anywhere, anytime and forever
  • Persuade your customers to take action

Creative and Effective Animated Video Solutions

Whether you would like to interact with employees or convert clicks into customers, our services assist you to reach your business goals!

Whiteboard Animation Style

2D Animation Style

3D Animation Style

Logo Animation Style

Corporate Promotional Video

App Promo Video

B2B or B2C we've produced quality work for all types of clients

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Our Work Process

We have described the process of designing, building, scripting, editing, and delivering the explainer videos. We are one of the top branded explainer video company in india who ensure to make each of our videos from scratch, consulting the client initially.

Requirement & Discussion

Our team of experts brainstorms the most effective methods to cater to all or any of your brand’s needs.

Script Writing

Once the brainstorm session is complete and also the larger concept is finalized, we pen down a script.


We know a number of the best voiceover artists within the industry and that we match each of their unique talents to the requirements of the script.


We also offer you an in depth storyboard to provide you a good idea of how the script will flow.


We have an excellent computer graphics team on board who are known to make some fantastic animations!

Music & Sound

In the post-production stage, we add the required music to create the film to come to life.

Video Delivery

Now that your video is prepared to go live, we publish it on various social media platforms for optimum outreach.

Animated-Explainer Video Benefits

Explain Your Ideas

Videos are the best way to simply explain your product or services using simple animations.

Get Paying Customers

Your conversion rates increase when you shorten the sales process.

Amplify Marketing Campaign

In 2021 if you're running a campaign without video you're missing out on higher conversions.

Increase Product Awareness

Let people tell the world about you. It's easier to share a video than typing up a blog post.

Improve SEO

Video plays a huge factor in your SEO Ranking, pages that have videos rank better.

Make Perfect Pitch

Dial in your pitch for investors and prospects alike.

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Why choose us as one of the best explainer video company in India

The folks at Pentalead are expert video creators who will take the time and effort to know your needs in order that they can provide you with the most effective possible outcome. Pentalead is a leading animated explainer video company in India that gives a good range of animated video production services to businesses across various industry verticals.

Engagement Guarantee

We continue with the newest developments within the field and embellish the explainer videos accordingly. Our work speaks for us and delivers quantifiable results. Our masterstroke lies in an enticing and interesting animated explainer video that sells.
whiteboard explainer video company in india
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Qualified Team

With over a decade of experience, we have a team of highly skilled professionals and we are a brick in the wall of several celebrated brands. Our team picks the best of your random thoughts about animated explainer videos and shape it in the form of a conceptual explainer video that touches hearts and knocks wallets. We offer unmatched video content development experience, brand awareness that spreads like wildfire, and promising conversion rates.

Great Storytelling

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A company, which is serving 400+ clients, across pan-India, Last 9 years with the help of their parent company

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are here to answer all of your questions regarding the Explainer Video Service / Whiteboard Video Animation and the way it can help your business. If you’ve got another question, visit our Support Center.

Will we be able to create a video for you even if you are from a different state?

Yes, even if you’re from the other state, we will create an explainer video for you, provided you’re accessible via phone, email, Zoom or the other conference apps. If you’ll provide us with timely feedback on each stage in our process, we will deliver the video on time for you. Distance hasn’t been a problem for us. also, we’ve worked with many international clients who are proud of our services.

What are the different types of video styles that we provide?

There are mainly four different types of videos:

  • Whiteboard Videos
  • 2D Animated Videos
  • Kinetic Typography
  • Line Art Animation
  • Infographic Videos

Which video style is suitable for our business?

The style of the video depends on your tastes and requirements. Our creative team works with you, taking note of your needs and giving the advice to find the most effective style for you and your business.

Do we provide you with a script or concept?

Yes, we do. We assist you out from scratch. Just give us a thought and your marketing objectives and that we will create a story out of it. Once you confirm one among the approaches, we share multiple concepts with you. After confirming one among the concepts, we move forward to the storyline. Once the storyline is confirmed, we offer you a draft of the script. After the required edits, we offer you a final script.

What will be included in the final delivery?

The following are the final deliverables: the final explainer video in MOV format in HD (1080p or above) or MP4. A 480p version of the video has been compressed so it is often shared on WhatsApp. A high-quality YouTube thumbnail image.

How does our process look like?

Idea, story, and animation. Those are the basics that we base our videos around. Our production process involves fully six customisable steps, with each step taking us closer to the awesome video you’re searching for.

How to get started?

Drop us an email here or directly to support@pentalead.com  or call us at 1800-313-54629999-052-606. We would be glad to help you.