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Bulk SMS Reseller Service Provider India
How does it work?

For your company, the Bulk SMS reseller white-labelled portal will be totally branded and there won’t be any reference to PentaLead at all. We will make sure that the credits button will be removed and will have your number on it.

By adding your contact customer can call you up for purchasing credits. Make sure that you have got credits from us then only you can transfer the same to your customers at any chosen price point by you. Getting a domain name would be good with a secure SSL certificate. We will help you with the same and get the messenger setup. We have 7 days on White Label accounts because it gives tailored expertise for you.

Benefits of our Bulk SMS Reseller Master Admin Panel

Free Inbuilt SMPP With Reselling Options

Free Excel Plug-Ins to Send SMS Directly From Your Excel Sheet.

Facility to Send Any Format Files

Auto DND Filter for Promotional SMS

URL Tracking

Put any URL or Website Link in your SMS content, and you will know: (a) WHO has clicked on your URL. (b) WHEN has he/she cliked. (c) From WHERE he/she has clicked. (d) Know HOW many times has he clicked. (e) also know WHICH link or URL have he/she has clicked.

Save Your SMS Templates On Your Panel

All Indian Languages Support

Get Unlimited Balance of Virtual Credits & White Label Reseller Panel

Free Android Application to Send Bulk SMS From Your Phone.

Promotional & Transactional SMS at Same Price

Instant Delivery on Active Numbers

Compose Notification to Your Sub-Reseller/Users

Open Template (no approval needed)

Schedule Your SMS for Future Sending

API for Integration of SMS API in Any Java, Dot Net, or PHP Application

Create Unlimited Users and Resellers Under You.

All Telecom Operator Routes Under One Panel

HTTP & XML API Available

Get Detailed Delivery Reports

Black-Listing and White-Listing Number option available

Group SMS to Send SMS to Your Regular Customers

Also our Dynamic SMS Feature will allow you to send Customised SMS to your People with Different Content to Each Customer like Ticked ID, Invoce Amount, etc..

More Features Like

Transactional, Promotional routes for Schools, Colleges, Institutions, Industries, Business, Hubs, Banks etc... Instant delivery; Easy to use interface, Send to individual/groups/Excel lists in no time, Easy to integrate HTTP API, SMS panel easily accessible on various devices viz.: laptop, desktop, mobile devices (Responsive), Sender ID masking, etc.

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Why choose us as one of the best Bulk SMS Reseller provider In India

Not to mention, you’ll have hands-on experience with India’s most beautifully designed Enterprise Messaging Panel with all the services under one roof. you’ll be able to send SMS, receive SMS or Missed calls on our Virtually hosted numbers, send automated responses, etc. Our API’s are most user-friendly that you simply can build applications in a matter of minutes (literally) with the assistance of our sample files on all programming languages.

We deliver SMS to all or any networks in India. Our SMS Gateway is designed to integrate seamlessly into any existing software, application or website by free SMS API. PentaLead has been in business for the past 10 years in the Bulk SMS Industry. the company has an industry-standard infrastructure and a fanatical support team to make sure 24 x 7 hassle-free services to our customers.

Reseller Bulk SMS White Label Panel India
What will you get?

Pentalead is one of the best Bulk SMS reseller provider in India. Start your own branded reseller business with us.

email marketing reseller white label

White Label Reseller SMS Panel

  • Hosted on your selected domain
  • Rebrand it with your own logo
  • An advanced SMS marketing tool
  • Service availability managed by us
bulk email reseller whitelabel panel

Master Reseller White label Panel

  • Create accounts for clients
  • Add/ Remove SMS credits
  • Enable/ Disable accounts
  • Monitor users activity/ usage
email reseller program

Dedicated SMS Delivery Server

  • Intelligent SMS delivery engine
  • VPS Server
  • Multiple dedicated IPs
  • Automated IP reputation monitoring

Let’s 🤝Join hands with the professionals who are way too old into this industry & domain; also having in-depth knowledge of the product and they are PentaLead Media Private Limited giving you Reseller/Business Partnership Opportunity

We also give SMS Master Admin Panel with Source-Code & give it on Monthly Rental! And we too deal in Facebook/Instagram/Twitter’s Blue-Tick, WhatsApp API, Business Promotion Female Model Video/ White-Board Video/ Explainer Video, VIP Number Toll-Free, E-Commerce Website Design & Development, Convert your Own Mobile Number into a Call-Center or IVR SolutionBulk Voice-Call SolutionBulk Email Marketing, Election Campaigning!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are here to answer all of your questions regarding the Bulk SMS Reseller and the way it can help your business. If you’ve got another question, visit our Support Center.

Is there any specific requirements to become a Bulk SMS Reseller?

To become an SMS Reseller isn’t in the least an arduous task to perform. One has got to be versed with basic computer knowledge and having an honest audience data and reach. Yes, one has got to invest a touch of cash to urge the business began to earn a satisfying amount of cash. Selling bulk SMS at a better price to the user and generating profit out of it.

Do the SMS Reseller and White label are different from others?

Yes. A reseller sells the bulk SMS to their customer while using the service provider’s panel. However, the white label company run’s independent charge whatever you wish to charge your customers and make your own added revenue for your company

Can I access it from any a part of India?

Pentalead gives the liberty to access from any corner. As long as you’ve got Internet access, you’ll be ready to send SMS from anywhere.