Bulk SMS

What is Bulk SMS and how can it help my company?

When your given promotional message gets into the inbox of your all customers mobile handset it is called as Bulk SMS messaging. It can be used for a variety of purpose like important alerts, offers, discounts, etc.

Can we send the SMS PAN India?

Absolutely! Our service runs well without any glitches domestically. And if you have any problems our customer service is available 24/7.

What is the word limit?

We can create an absolutely stunning message copy within the word limit of 160 characters.

Is Scheduler available?

Yes. You can set a time and date to send the given SMS. This is a good feature for you to plan out your campaigns.

Would we receive a confirmation when we will send the messages?

Our system will send you reports about SMS delivery along with other required analytics.

Bulk Email

The whole setup will be ready in how many days?

It gets done within 2 days or less than that.

What is the percentage of inbox mail delivery?

We guarantee that the emails will get into the respective customer’s inbox if they haven’t deactivated their mail accounts and their general behaviour with the mails and using it. Sometimes, the mails can gather into the promo if they haven’t changed the settings. Earlier, it might have occurred to you that the mails get gathered in the spam folder and as the server gets acquainted more with your domain name/IP/Server your mail will get into their inbox for sure.

Will the unsubscribe option will be available to my consumers?

Yes. Your customers can see the option down below your newsletter and if they don’t wish to get any mails they can opt for unsubscription.

Can I send personalize mails?

Yes. You can! That’s the beauty of customization where you can make your customers feel that you care and have amazing offers

Can I make segments and send some emails to a specific group?

Sure. You can set up strategy according to your need and our system will collaborate you throughout.

Toll-Free and IVR

What details would be required to avail this service?

For activating this package we would be requiring few details which may include:
ID and address proof.
Company Registration certificate
The KYC will be done and the activation of the service will start.

What payment methods would be available?

All payment modes are available which are safe & secure. You may opt for Credit/ Debit Cards, Net banking, NEFT, IMPS, RTGS, GPay, PayTm and other.

For IVR will the script get customized according to our requirement?

Yes. We can customize a script for your users and it can be done for different regional languages as well.

With whom I can discuss both IVR and Toll-Free?

Our customer representative will be available on this number 1800-313-5462

Is there any specific plan available?

You can choose either Har Har Mahadev package or Ganpati Bappa Morya Package in which you get the other exclusive services or you can go for only IVR and Toll-Free Service.

Bulk Voice Calls and OBD

What is Bulk voice calls?

This service offers you to send automated calls to a huge amount of customers. These calls can be just made to give information about the product or service.

How does it work?

When you sign up with us we will help you in creating a voice message which you can preview and make edits before sending out. This call can be something about your product and service offering or any recent important announcements.

Do you provide a detailed analysis?

Yes. We do provide a detailed set of a report in which we talk about how many calls are done and what’s the rate of pick up.

Can we send OTP via calls?

Sure. If the customer chooses the option to receive the OTP via call you can definitely use the call-in option in the system.

Can I Import the contact list?

Of course, you can. You can import the list from an excel sheet or whichever software you are using. We try to make the whole process very easy for you.

Website to App Convert

Will I be requiring a website to have an app?

Yes. A website is required. If you don’t have one we can help you in creating a website too.

Will the app support all database?

Yes. The app we create will support all databases like MySQL, Oracle 12c, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, DB2, SAP HANA.

How does the whole interface look like?

The whole interface looks trustworthy and we use white label solution which comes with max assurance.

Is it possible to add in-app videos?

Definitely, it is very much possible to add a nice video which could be one of those animated videos or any other type. You can try new ideas and our system will help you to create good interaction with your customers.

Will the App get approved by the App Store and Play Store?

Yes. We 100% guarantee that the app will be approved and will have a great launch.

Voice Over

Are the voice-over artists available in regional languages?

Yes. We do have a team who can deliver good voice over for all regional languages.

Do you provide scriptwriting service and video dubbing?

Yes. We do provide the same along with transcripts, translation, subtitling, video editing and everything related to post-production.

Do we get a voice for specific characters and with different pitch?

Yes. We have filtered through tons of artists and have a team of the best which can deliver the best voice over for you.

What are the different styles available?

We offer various styles and tones according to what the script demands. For example Compulsive, warm, romantic, sad, cheerful, etc.

How can I make some changes if I need any?

You can do E-Direction and guide our voice-over artists with your suggestions.

Website Development

I don’t have a website at all will your team help me in creating the same from scratch?

Yes. Our web developers are well versed with building great user-friendly platforms.

Will we be receiving an SSL Certificate?

Yes. For Web security and so on we will be getting an SSL Certificate for you.

Can we create as many pages we require?

Absolutely. We can create as many proper pages you want. Ultimately we serve what you desire.

There will be website speed optimization done, right?

Yes. We do speed up the website loading time so that it will serve the best purpose and the customer won’t be needing to wait for too long.

The whole website will be responsive across devices, right?

Yes. We build a mobile and tablet responsive website for you. There won’t be any glitches occurring regarding that at all.

Lead Generation

Are the leads you have created are 100% genuine?

Yes. The lead we will give you are genuine and authentic.

Will lead generation help our business to get more revenue?

Yes. Certainly. We will be targeting certain customer demographic that could turn into your potential customers.

How else I can use lead generation to help my business?

It helps in driving more leads via SEO strategies and PPC. That will be very beneficial for you.

How the leads will be get delivered?

We will deliver a specific set amount of leads each week. Which means you get new leads which are easily convertible.

How else you help in maintaining the relationship with the leads?

We help you in maintaining the relationship with the leads with your sales funnel such as Email Marketing, LinkedIn, SMS and Best Content.


How to get started with Pentalead Workspace?

If you have employees less than 300 then you can start the online workspace right now. If you have 300+ employees you can contact our sales team and they will elaborate more about the plan.

We are the team of more than 300 amazing employees, is this workplace helpful?

Absolutely! We have created an advance plan for you. Reach out to our sales representative and they will elaborate the same. Contact here.

I have a business? Which package is the most suitable?

We offer a variety of package. To see the more specifics click here or contact our representative

What have you included in the workspace?

We provide custom made email addresses which will look very professional when you are interacting with your customers. We have also arranged the whole workspace with all the tools you need to create documents, calls, spreadsheet integration, etc.

Will I get a trial package?

Sure. Pentalead offers you the same plan for 14-days.

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