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We believe in ethics and excellence. We are working for many years and have many satisfied clients. Thanks to all our customers who appreciate us and motivate us to maintain our services. We offer premium quality and provide trustworthy work according to the commitment we make.

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What is IVR Number / IVRS?

IVR (IVR full form is Interactive Voice Response) system are often easily mentioned because the tool for advanced and modern business communication. Where better customer experience has become a priority for many businesses, IVR numbers acts as a serious contributor to realize the goal. Your first, ‘hello’ with the customer must convey your business professionalism, and this is often fulfilled by playing a customized voice message for your callers as they call you on your business to telephone number.

The IVR number is flexible, and it means you can forward a call to your Mobile Number or any other Mobile or Landline number. Also, features like Live-Call-transfer and Call-Conferencing are possible so that live calls can be transferred to your multiple team-mates at any time. In short, it is portable so that you can take your number anywhere, either in the office or on the road. By using this service, you increase the productivity of the team and boost their efficiency.</P

Why IVR Number is necessary?

If you get any missed calls or your phone is off, our IVR System will take care of everything you need to efficiently organize important calls you need as a businessman or businesswoman. No more worries about missed calls from influential people, and don’t miss a lead!

While you are on the line with 1 person, another person could be calling simultaneously and get a busy tone. NO fret, as with your converted mobile to an IVR numbers, our system can handle MULTIPLE calls at the same time with no problems redirecting your clients and customers to an automated system to help keep things in order until you can get back to them. Don’t miss out on important calls, while sometimes that could be the call you needed most.

Why IVR System is necessary

Powerful features of Pentalead's IVR Number

On-Hold Music

Call Forwarding

After-Hour Settings

Unlimited Call Recording

Cloud Web Panel

Real-Time Live Calls

Text Message Alerts

Voice Mail for Cloud

Live On-Call Transfer to Another Agent

SMS and Email Notifications for Every Call Missed

Sending Auto-reply SMS or Bulk SMS

Give your business a new turn by trying our IVR Number completely FREE. Check our service, and we assure you will definitely like the setup.

Benefits of our IVR Numbers for your business

Increase agent and company efficiency with ivr system

Increase agent and company efficiency

Agents who add an organization with an IVR number are more skilled at addressing specific issues, are less likely to consult colleagues or a manager and are also less likely to transfer the choice to a special agent. This results in an enormous increase in agent and company efficiency.

Reduce operational costs with ivr number

Reduce operational costs

IVR Number will replace a receptionist or a customer service agent who answers calls and directs calls to agents. they’re also very affordable, will increase efficiency and can reduce operational costs, therefore the ROI is large .

Increase professionalism with pentalead ivrs

Increase professionalism

You can use an IVR numbers to greet your customers during a very professional manner and to form it appear that you simply have more departments and employees than you really have.

Increase customer service efficiency with our ivr solution

Increase customer service efficiency

Agents who add an organization that uses an IVR Number are better at solving specific problems and meeting specific needs of the purchasers that they are assigned. the result’s a rise in customer service efficiency.

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Why choose Pentalead as the best IVR Number provider

There are multiple IVR number providers in the market but with exclusive and advanced features, Pentalead outstands them all to become the best choice for your IVR service provider. We can convert your Mobile Number to: IVR Number / Toll-Free Number / Customer Care System Number / Help-Line Number / Missed Call Number

What do we offer in IVR Number?

With our IVR Number / IVR Service, our main focus is to prove to you that you daily miss lots of Important Leads when you don’t have an IVR number in your Business. By using IVR number, we assure positive branding with an awesome Recorded-Welcome-Greeting. The number gives your client a good impression. It gives the prime business, and it is an ideal way to market your brand. People not only get assistance about the product but also benefits them since they can leave a Voice Message to you even when you are not available. Having an IVR number means people will contact you, know about your service, and definitely help boost sales of your product or service.

How do we work?

We provide the recording of a conversation with your customers. You can share them with representatives to understand the customer’s perception and know their requirements nicely.

With Free Mini-CRM, you manage all important notes and reminders of all Incoming Calls to keep a backup of that specific customer’s information in one place. In this way, you can contact me again without any confusion.

IVR Service Provider Pentalead
benefits of pentalead's ivr number

What you will get?

It is more secure and resourceful and safe for the customers as well as their information won’t be misused with our IVR Number / IVR System.

◆ Professional Greetings in Your Language
◆ Great Value
◆ Trustworthy Service
◆ Potential Clients
◆ 99.9% uptime of your IVR Numbers
◆ 24*7 Customer Support
◆ and so more..

Businesses across the globe are using Pentalead for efficient and smooth IVR Service.

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A company, which is serving 400+ clients, across pan-India, Last 9 years with the help of their parent company

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are here to answer all of your questions regarding the IVR number / IVR system and the way it can help your business. If you’ve got another questions, visit our Support Center.

What is the full form of IVRS?

The full form of IVRS is Interactive Voice Response System.

What is the IVR Number?

An IVR number / IVR System is a telephone number with cloud telephony features that attends and routes your customer calls automatically with none manual intervention. Both the incoming and outgoing calls is managed through an IVR number and your business message is delivered to them hassle-free.

What is the best IVR Solution?

Interactive voice response system (IVRS) is an IVR service provider system where the clients call is received by the pre-recorded message. This message helps the caller to achieve to an answer for the problem. The caller has got to press the specified number which associated with their problem as they hear the recording. If the matter isn’t solved through the IVR it’s transferred to the company agent.

What are the benefits of using an IVR Number?

Some of the benefits of using an IVRS number are:

  • Provide a stronger customer experience for your customers.
  • Get a much better brand image.
  • Be available even after the business hours.
  • Handle larger call volumes with your team.
  • Get call information and other data for analytics and training purposes.
  • Scale as you would like and achieve an excellent level of efficiency.

How dose IVR System works?

IVRS stands for Interactive Voice Response System. it’s a technology that permits a pre-recorded voice to interact with humans through the utilization of voice and DTMF tones input via the keypad. What this implies is, once you call, the voice on the opposite side are going to be a computer generated voice. you’ll use your phone’s keyboard to make a particular outcome. as an example, “Press 1 to talk to our Sales team” and “Press 2 to talk to our Support team”. Now as you press 2, you get connected to the support team (a human) at the opposite side and get you problem solved.

How do I find my IVR Number?

You can get your IVR number from Pentalead, a number one cloud telephony solution provider in the market. Simply Contact Us here for your 3-day trial and set up your IVR account. Alternatively, you’ll reach out to us on 9999-052-606 or

What is the meaning of hosted IVR Solution?

IVR hosted solution or Interactive Voice Response is an automatic bot that greets you once you call it. You don’t need to spend long hours explaining your sitution to different people, rather the bot asks you questions supported your queries and you reply to it using your keypad. The word ‘hosted’ simply means “on cloud“. Hosted IVR means all the infrastructure of a traditional IVR system will simply be transferred to your cloud. No excessive costs on infrastructure and its repairs. all of your data are going to be safe and secure on the cloud, that’s operative only by your firm.

Why should businesses in India use IVR Service?

Business in India should definitely use IVR solutions and given below are a couple of reasons:

  • Minimum manual intervention: As IVR operates by itself after it’s programmed, it helps handle business calls with much ease because it is barren of human interaction at the initial stages.
  • Stores data: All the transactions are stored and may be analyzed for quality checking.
  • Security: If private information is given to an IVR system, it might be directly stored within the database and can be used just for legal transactions after customers permit it.
  • Cost effective: It only involves initial costs because it requires no extra infrastructure.
  • Efficient: With constant power supply and internet, clients are bound to get answers for his or her calls all the time.
  • Expands over geographical barriers:  Agents are often connected to callers despite physical distances.

Is IVR a good option for small business?

Yes, why not?. you can use IVR Number for a small business. In fact, an IVRS also can be utilized in a proprietorship. Here’s a couple of benefits for you to catch on:

  • Requires less efforts: As an IVRS is automated system, it requires less people. Thus, it requires recruiting even less people. Which saves tons of effort.
  • Comparatively inexpensive: Since fewer people are needed, and therefore the maximum expenditure is simply on the infrastructure, it’s cost effective.
  • Saves time: The IVRS classifies customers, which helps save time because the agents don’t need to keep it up forwarding the decision to the respective agents. The IVRS does it on its own.