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Lead Generation by pentalead

At Pentalead we generate genuine leads which convert into real sales. Our leads are not only verified but also qualified.

Pentalead leads generation services to supply you with an increased number of targeted and qualified leads in B2B and B2C markets. within the world of digital marketing service, a lead generation company can function your initiative to get closer to the customer, supported the interest or inquiry of the products/services shown by them.

Pentalead helps in providing pay per lead services to assist in the growth of online businesses, either through paid promotions or organic optimisation of the web site or service.

Functionality for online lead generation services

Leads generation, being the first step in bringing customers to the company, is why it’s paid great attention. The team helps in generating leads for the company to urge more customers and thus the CRM team will convert those leads into customers.

The campaigns used for generating leads are conceptualised by our team who implements them to realize validated leads. The qualified leads are then delivered to the clients or their marketing/sales manager through emails.

lead generation company india
lead generation service

How will you benefit from increased leads?

  • It determines the pricing on a per lead basis.
  • The company can select the goods they want to offer
  • The company can choose a geographic region to develop the business
  • This annoys the target audience
  • It controls the number of leads a business receives per month.
  • The company pays less than the leads it receives
Lead Guarantee from PentaLead

Lead Guarantee from PentaLead

Leads provided by Pentalead are generated through unique web platforms owned and managed by Pentalead. The leads undergo a process of manual verification and qualification filters according to the BOT or other criteria set at the start of the campaign.

All leads distributed by Pentalead are manually validated and guaranteed with a real need. Pentalead’s support team provides consulting and customers can ask to change leads on their lead panel.

Quality Lead Generation Process


We help you identify your target user personalities and guarantee each lead individually, saying that the right audience is driven to your business with high intentions.


We help you understand the dynamics of your business and facilitate the best connection driving directly into your demand generation funnel through a mix of digital marketing technologies.


We help you get better leads and close more sales. Long-term cooperation is our goal, and lead to specific feedback from you for our specific success. Let it grow together!

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Benefits of Lead Generation in India

Quality Leads

Qualified and quality leads are an essential part of a great lead generation program. An expert external marketing agency will determine competency metrics and criteria in collaboration with your internal marketing team and then build programs around occupying agreed-lead levels.

Increased Sales and Revenue

The combination of increased qualified leads and lower costs creates total revenue per customer and quarterly revenue streams. Qualified leads require less time in the funnel before purchasing, and their customers are more likely to repeat.

Reduced Cost Per Lead

Cost-per-lead is an important metric of lead generation. Hiring an agency that specializes in online lead generation services can reduce this cost in many ways. Managing conversion rates is of paramount importance to provide an increase in leads.

So we have all strategies set in place.

Benefits of working with PentaLead

benefits of lead generation company india
  • More value for your money: When there is a continuous flow of interest in the pipeline, it is very easy to achieve your annual goals, and this is our first priority.
  • High Conversion Rate: We help translate all your business investments including your infrastructure, manpower and resources etc., which gives you maximum returns with a high conversion rate without spending much.
  • Better use of time and resources: We understand the fact that time is money in business. Our innovative and customized approach will ensure that you do not waste your time and resources, the resources running after it is not going to do anything but just chase the people who will buy your product. For our pricing plans, please contact us.

Ad Management & CPQL Optimization

We receive and continuously enhance all of your ads on Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, YouTube, Display, Pinterest, Snapchat, and more. CPCL (cost per lead) optimization will slow down your business. Our lead generation services in India always grow on a CPQL (cost per qualified lead) basis.

Lead Nurturing

Our lead generation agency helps set up an automated email and text message that is immediately sent to every lead on your behalf. This increases your connection rate rapidly.

Dedicated Expert & 24/7 Report

You will have a single point of contact that complements every feature of your campaign and knows your business from the inside. View your campaign data, trends and performance from any device at any time. Mobile friendly and real-time modernization!

Landing Page & CRO

We include a custom-made landing page! A high converting landing page is unconditionally serious for your business, so our online lead generation company in India helps you to create a remarkable landing page. We run frequent A/B tests on your landing page to further increase your conversion rates and to continually increase your return-on-investment.

CRM Integration & Call Tracking

We immediately send every lead directly to your CRM using various tools. Our lead generation agency in India also takes data from your CRM so that we can grow your ads based on CPQL. We use various tools to determine which ads, keywords, and campaigns bring in acclaimed leads. In addition, you can use the tool interface to text the leads.
What do we do?

Demand Generation

  • Setup: We help you in managing the setup and design the whole campaign.
  • Outreach: We work on the email and social outreach.
  • Pay-per-click: We help you in navigating and placing Google ads.

Lead Generation

  • Precisely delivered: We deliver the exact amount of leads we have agreed upon per week. So, you will be getting new leads which are convertible.
  • Target set: We make sure that you get the leads from the set target audience. Later, we target them and generate leads.
  • Marketing channels: Leads will be getting to you from all sort of marketing channels we will be establishing for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are here to answer all of your questions regarding Lead Generation and the way it can help your business. If you’ve got any questions, visit our Support Center.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of attracting potential customers and turning them into individuals who are interested in your company’s products and services.

What are the types of lead generation?

There are 2 main categories of lead generation – inbound lead generation (SEO, social media, PPC) and outbound lead generation (cold call, advertising, direct mail and e-mail marketing).

Campaign Implementation

We will create a revised email sequence that aims to increase the open rates of your email marketing movement. Our online lead generation company India also implements retargeting schemes to re-capture the idea of recipients who have not opened your emails, in an effort to please them to contact you.


Our lead generation services will provide a monthly report that summarizes what we had planned and how the campaign has been set up by the recipients.

Strategy Review

Using results monitoring and feedback from monthly reports, we are able to make lead generation campaigns accurate and use this to build future campaigns in the right direction.