We initiate a refund for any sales only if we have mentioned any refund policy in our Terms & Conditions section of our Proforma Invoice

Hence, we request you to ask for Proforma Invoice, before you make any payment to our Company M/s PentaLead Media Private Limited

In most cases you have paid for services and seen the results of using them and received profit from the efforts or deployment and usage of licensed, online tools or services. If you do not see ROI, or return on investment that was promised, PentaLead Media Private Limited will do everything in its power to ensure that the lack is made up to you in some way. However, as Google and other online entities are constantly changing their services, which influences everything online, there can be no iron-clad promises made or returns expected. That would be beyond the scope and ability of PentaLead Media Private Limited to control.

pentalead.com customer service representatives are available all the time at support@pentalead.com or call 9999-052-606 for any billing related questions.